About this Game
The year is 2378. The gods of Olympus have returned to our universe and have challenged Earth. In order for Earth to continue to exist, the finest Heroes from every corner must face a legion of Titans across the galaxy and, ultimately, face the gods to prove their might. Create your hero now, and help Earth conquest over the Titans!

What is this game written in?
It is built with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS and heavily leverages Framework7.

Artwork Credit
Logo design, general look & feel by Firestream. Bobblehead and Achievement art by 54an3. Item art by Rexard (purchased from game dev market). Hero, Enemy, Titan art by Azhartz (purchased from Freepik).

Game Updates
- Completed a much overdue maintenance of the database. This should result in a faster game for a while.
- Chest spawns have been corrected and improved all over.
- All recent changes on the TEST GAME are now LIVE
- Supporters of the game that buy $100 Coins or higher have been able to gift a permanent subscription to another player for a while now. However, it was a manual thing that took getting in touch with Firestream to do so. Now, if you do this you can go directly to another player's profile and Gift Subscription to them (if they qualify). The button to do this will be near the very top of their profile.
- It alerts them of the subscription, but does not tell them it was from you. You can message them yourself afterwards if you would like.
- Note: a few of you did this support level last week and probably have a subscription you can give out. Please PM firestream if this is the case to have it added to your account to be gifted.
For October 31st, 2020, the staff have put together an October 2020 Mini Event!

- It is now possible to get into the God Tier (Endless Season) on the test game. The final path to this extremely difficult achievement is to get 8 pieces of Onyx Gear and face off with Kratos. You must defeat him with at least 100,000,000 dmg (subject to change).
- Originally I was only going to require 3 pieces, and this changed to a full set of 8 last week. However, with the way AP is setup now, you get extra gear XP % bonus on each new zone you reach, up to 80% more once you enter the final AP zone.
- God Tier has been an extremely lengthy thing to build that will only be reached by a very very small subset of players. I intend to work hard in the next few months to make a few things easier in this game, including getting to Mount Olympus and improving the Gear XP grind. There has been a lot of feedback in recent weeks leading up to some changes that will happen in the future to make it better once you reach level 99 to have a clear goal and post-MO as well.
- Everything built so far to get to GT will be tweaked and tuned as our high level players work their way to it. I have built a lot of this as guesswork until I get real feedback, but I'm extremely happy to have it 95% working so that the small group of you have this final goal as a reachable thing.
- Enemies in the Astral Plane no longer show player attacking count next to them

- Endless cores is possible, but the endless level system isn't fully setup still.
- GT Leaderboards are already setup, but might need bug fixes once players get to GT.
- There will be more things added for GT players to make it very obvious that they are GT. Special colors, emblems, profile stuff, etc will be added to really show it all off.

- NOTE: This is a list of future updates that should help the grind in some ways.
- Gear XP will distribute better to pieces that are not onyx already. So if you have a piece that is Onyx, if it was to get gear XP that would then go to a non-Onyx piece.
- AP zones will have material drops soon, which will help with Onyx Gear Infusions
- Gear XP Transposition with Drachma will be improved.
- Dual bikes should help in a lot of ways, and will be an unlock-able thing for level 99 Heroes at some point.
- Possibly a Clan Set that will help with Gear XP rates will be added
- More more more!

Code of Conduct REMINDER:
- I have added some new logs and more to detect cheating or play that is against out Code of Conduct.
- This is a reminder that all players are subject to the rules stated here and the VG will continued to enforce the rules.

- AP Zones now give Gear XP percentage bonuses based on the # of Onyx pieces you have. The first zone is 10%, 2nd is 20% etc. As you can move higher and higher in AP you will be able to level your gear faster.
- Reworked all enemies on AP to be 1 titan per zone with max spawn of 7. This lets you see chests again.
- Enemies on AP get harder each new zone now

- Zeus can spawn 2 instances now
- Attempted to correct the display of Gear XP post-battle
- Added Daily Task progress to Quick Actions. They still have to be claimed in the Acropolis
- Fixed iOS layout issues with Daily Tasks Calendar
- Astral Plane has more zones based on the number of Onyx gear pieces you have.
- Option added in Settings to set the Sub Respawn button to be above regular Respawn
- Total Gear XP earned once enemy is killed is now displayed in battle results. Keep in mind gear XP goes to gear pieces randomly right now.
- If you dismantle the white Kratos now, it will appear at the Vanguard Quartermaster after a minute or two. This is a common issue that happens to new players, but they can re-buy it now without having to wait for game maintenance.
- AP Titans attack reduce just a tad
- Added Monthly tab to the Daily Rewards Leaderboard
- Added a bar to show daily rewards unlock at Level 20 (for <20 players)
- Changed the Home/Chat buttons to be blue
- Fixed a messages bug and fixed the privacy link
- Smoothed out the Power over Time graphs on Hero profiles
- Battle images for Heroes and Enemies are smaller now. This should help with speed/bandwidth
Lhurzen, Maxiexzo, DarkManiak, Dillah win permanent subscription status!
Thanks to everybody that came out and played. We had 225 people qualify for the drawing.
Follow us on Twitter for a chance to win 500 AC today! Also tomorrow through Sunday night, 30% more XP/Drachma vs Titans AND 4 lucky players can win perma-Sub for playing at least 1000 battles any day. Thanks to Anastasia and Fragile for sponsoring the subscriptions!

- A new Bobblehead has been added: Barry the Super Titan
- All recent Test Game updates are now live!

- Wiki pages can use BBcode now, so they will get prettier soon all over.
- The 6th daily task is available for Subscribers now. It is not required to complete the day (just 5 needed) to count towards monthly rewards.
- Fixed a bug with Quick Actions when you have a lot of loadouts.
- Daily Rewards system has 3 new achievements. One for completing a daily task, the next for completing all tasks in the day and the third for claiming any monthly reward.
- The first Leaderboard for the Daily Rewards system is up, Days Completed
- Astral Plane Titans have MO drops now and 25% more XP/Drachma
- The Daily Rewards system now has Monthly Rewards based on the number of days you complete tasks on. So, each month there will be 3-5 monthly rewards with things like AC, emblems or items you can get. The idea is you can complete 5 days (anytime during the month) and potentially claim a monthly reward. Some months could have a reward for completing the daily tasks every day for the month with a big prize at the end.
- Borgen selling new bike: Model S which increases a perk randomly by +999% per battle

- New Daily Rewards system is up! Access from the Acropolis, and you must be level 20 to see it.
- Vitrius, the Red Commissary has arrived at the Acropolis to sell Red gear for AC. Players < 99 may find his gear on a weekly basis tempting.
- All changes from the Test Game are now live.
- Borgen will be selling the Ruiner bike starting Friday, which causes poison on your hero
- 5 Triumphs have been added
- Get 25% more Gear XP as you battle (through 9/9)
- By request, you can buy AC with google pay or apple pay

- Once you have a single Onyx piece, if you go to the Acropolis you will be given the Paralos. This ship allows you to get to the Astral Plane. There, the enemies are all Titans with at least the strength of Zeus or more. This will help greatly getting the rest of your gear to Onyx level.
Last weekend if you had 2000 battles or more in a day, you were entered for a chance to win permanent subscriber status. Here are the lucky winners: Hakaan, Poseidon, ScottSteel, Jackwam, Porch Dor
- There is a new story in the Acropolis
This morning I was attempting to fix a performance problem with the main items table. I thought I had fixed it, but ultimately the change caused the entire table to crash (3 million rows). The last few hours of game downtime have been to restore this table, but along the way a few players have likely lost a lot of items. The table was crashed, and when recovered and restored, some rows did not make it back in. There's a lot to this, but I'm sorry it happened.

If you were affected and feel like you lost a lot of items, please message me and I'll do what I can to make it right. Thank you for your patience and understanding. These things happen sometimes, and honestly it is very very rare for something like that to happen here.

$100 AC: Azeroth, Unl3a5h3r, SnowyPoutine
$50 AC: Portaldominates, dragospawn, wavydavy66, verziehenone, Catalyst48, Porch Dor, Yellowmelon
$25 AC: Joker, TwoHandedShanks, Deias Bray, Whalium, Froedo, Revive, PaniniRS, DjXD19, FifthAbrogator, ver, Mrs Sarah, grail1, Beskidte, XxOSADxX, Awoir
$10 AC: Yin, Shirow, Smolder, SIGYO, Al132658, thecookieboi, Dolfow, BitDragon, Vegeta, Kaneki, Trinity, Beeatch, Witcher, Muse, Renalas, OPAQUE, Jakisbaran, WalterOf1, Xichi, Trace Xiole, Boxcutter3005, Bonehead, JGx336, FunkyWizard, Dinkles Thy Divine
$5 AC: Kronos1307, Schuben, Branflake, Zhili, Urliq, Forcepath, Florentin, TheOneTrueHenzo, Shiamus, Yobaba, Merry T, boots, Klab, Reincor, ØŁíмë, TheSingular, Pheonixdown, CatsAndIT, Korde, TheTipsyDragon, Blurt In, Greyl, Dewthedew6, Frawpz, Weshaven, Xanatos89, Drowning, Luddy, CopperOtter, Nateman777, ahahahahahahahaaa, Le Roi Des Doux, brewhaha, Athar, Shred, Solariiar, Hellnikko, Themask, richboy5001, Sneakysand, wsey54, crazyzack07, mtoto, joergon, dashfire, mynameislol, Koarl, G00B3R, Titan, funkcatman

- Fixed issue with Onyx Gear Infusion not working
- Fixed a major speed issue with Hero profiles. This could help around the game in other ways too.
- Hephaestus Bobblehead is obtainable now. He is unlocked via Gear Levels and then gives a boost to Gear XP once unlocked.
I am tired of being kicked.
- Titan Conquest has partnered with MiniReview to give out a bunch of Ancient Coins! All you have to do is check this thread and leave a comment with your TC username. The giveaway runs until Tuesday 11th of August at 3pm CEST.
- Also, you can get 100 Ancient Coins if you download MiniReview and leave a rating for Titan Conquest in it! Just send a message to Firestream once you have done this.
- Finally, we need more reviews on Android for Titan Conquest, so leave an Android review and you can get Supporter Status here. Just message Firestream or a Welcome Crew member after you leave a review.
- Card counts exclude PvP players now
- Arena Enemies added as an overall Card type that can be unlocked
- Hero Shops will now only include player shops of active players
- New Leaderboard for Gear XP
- 8/3 through 8/9 Clan Control is on!
- Any clan that has at least 1 area controlled at the end, all members will get 100 Ancient Coins
- Any clan that has at least 5 areas controlled at the end, all members will get 500 Ancient Coins
- Top 3 clans with most areas controlled at the end, all members will get 1000 Ancient Coins
- Regular clan control rewards will still go out as well (Red Memories)

Hero Shops can now only be used by a 1st hero once they hit level 99. A 2nd new Hero by a player can use them also. This change is to keep the original grind and progression of the game intact, and still give the player a cool reason to use Hero Shops for their next Heroes.