Primary : The fastest attack, spammable and effective against everything.

Special : Slower than primary, deals double damage to shields. Normally not too important.

Heavy : Slowest out of the three but hits the hardest, recommended to use on titans. Since its the slowest it gets compensated by a 50% dmg boost.

As you level you also deal more dmg by an additional: Your level / 200 %. This scaling however does not effect PEs.

Critical hits are always 4 times your normal damage in each slot and is calculated after scaling.

Your super is always based on your primary damage, only the damage super does 10 * your primary dmg, the others do the same dmg as a normal primary attack. When using the dmg super, the 10 * boost stacks with the 4 * boost from getting a critical hit, for a massive 40 * dmg boost on that hit, allowing you to get insane amounts of xp and drachma from titans.

Staff Only